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Medical Device Manufacturer

CE marking is a legal requirement for medical devices intended for sale in Europe.

QACA having cooperation with TSU Piestany, Slovakia to perform product certification under the MDD.

These services include:

  •  Technical documentation/file or design dossier assessment/review
  •  Device type examination
  •  Product quality assurance (based in ISO 13485)
  •  Production quality assurance (based in ISO 13485)
  •  Full quality assurance (ISO 13485)

Director's Note

"At QACA, we believe in unlocking the potential of our people to serve them better to our clients. We are a growing organization and being in service sector, new ideas are must for survival. Nurturing young & talented people the is key to our success. We acknowledge the need to handle people differently since they are different. We provide equal opportunities to our people to let them prove that they are not equal"
-Pankaj Rai,
CEO and Regional Director Central Asia

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